Three British grandmothers have thrown caution to the wind to try smoking marijuana for the first time on a trip to Amsterdam.

Friends Trish, 82, Margot, 73, and Daphne, 78, agreed to be filmed by Channel 4 as they sampled cannabis – but not until first being reassured they wouldn’t be sent to jail as it is legal to buy the drug in Dutch coffee shops.

Margot said: ‘I never tried cannabis before. When I was young I thought it was only criminals that used it.

‘Today I have read it is almost as popular as cigarettes. I want to find out what it has to offer.

‘I class it as a bit of fun and I am all for that you are never to old to try something new.’

The trio, who have a combined age of 233, admit they are a little apprehensive due to what they have heard ‘from the young’ about the class B drug.

Daphne said: ‘I have heard it can do something to your mind much worse than tobacco and it could lead to hard drugs.’


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