Mr Omari’s painting of Mr Trump shows the US leader as a vulnerable refugee, carrying a child in his arms and holding up a family picture showing loved-ones he is presumably searching for.

Titled The Vulnerability Series, Mr Omari’s paintings also depict Syrian despot Bashir al-Assad and Russian strongman Vladimir Putin as a homeless man begging for money. Other leaders painted by Mr Omari include Mr Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama, German chancellor Angela Merkel and North Korean despot Kim Jong-un, who is shown in the guise of a child.

Mr Omari, who comes from Syria but now lives in Belgium, said he even began to feel sympathy for his version of Assad while painting him.

“In this universe without gravity, all we can hold on to is our vulnerability,” he wrote on his website. “I have convinced myself it is the strongest weapon humankind possesses, way more powerful than the trail of power games, bomb craters and bullet holes in our collective memories. Vulnerability is a gift we should all celebrate.”


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