All over the internet, there are really people who call themselves daredevil. They are the ones who go through with any kind of challenge that may be thrown at them because its their means of proving their fearlessness.

However, there are certain cases where the supposed ‘perfect’ plan of these daredevils often end up in drastic outcomes.

Just like in the case of Ryan Szymanski, 22 years old. A known daredevil in England.

In a footage taken at a quarry in Vermont, New England, a place which is also commonly known as ‘The Grotto’, Ryan was recorded jumping off a 112 feet cliff while onlookers cheered him on.

But, they were all unable to foresee the horrendous aftermath of the jump. That is, Ryan rushed into a hospital after he tore every ligament and tendon in his knee.

Fortunately, Ryan is now on the road to recovery. In Daily Mail’s interview, he said that the whole experience was ‘pretty surreal.’


“I was obviously bummed to injure myself so severely-and on the first jump of the entire 11-day trip – but knew from the beginning that I had no one to blame but myself,” Ryan added.

Ryan also said that he was really glad that there were a lot of people who moved forward to rescue him. It was a flattering experience for him.


It was good that nothing really serious happened to Ryan. Despite this, we should all be reminded to always think of our safety first before doing anything that is completely dangerous.

See the full video here:


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