Online shopping has somehow taken over the global market. People now find it more convenient to just place their order online and have it delivered right at their doorstep without the hassle of going shopping from one store to another.

As much as online shopping has its own share of positive feedbacks, there are also cases where online shopping somehow fails to meet the expectation of its customers. Just like in the case of this guy.

Apparently, this guy in a trending video on Facebook decided to place an order of a cellular phone unit on one of the biggest online shopping apps in the country.

When receiving deliveries from online shopping stores, its a must to check the contents of the package first as no one can be sure whether it really contains the ordered item or it may be the wrong delivery or there may also be cases where the contents are changed by whoever handles the packages.

So, in the case of this guy, he made sure to take a video of him opening the package delivery so that he may be sure that it was indeed a cellphone inside because he already paid the price for it. While opening the box, the guy claimed that it was too light to contain a cellphone.

Moments later, he was surprised to find out that there was no cellphone inside the package. Instead, all it contains was an empty bottle of penicillin.

The delivery guy who took the video assured the customer that he will report the incident to the proper authorities so that such case will not happen again to anyone.

Meanwhile, as of writing time, there is still no official statement on the side of the management of the online shopping app to explain their side on the issue.

See the full video here reposted by Rbreez


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