People often value their privacy which is why the issue of letting someone else open the contents of your phone is still a debated topic especially when the parties involved are in a romantic relationship.

While it is also considered ‘healthy’ for romantically involved individuals to be open to each other, one should also be open to the possibility that there are still people who choose to value their own privacy.

This is probably the case with this guy in a viral video online.

In a video uploaded by the Facebook page, Shanghaiist, a woman is seen standing on a narrow bridge on a river. Just a few steps away from her is a man who was later known as her husband.

She kept screaming towards the guy and the pge interpreted that she wanted to see the contents of the guy’s phone but the guy continuously refused.

As the video continued on, another woman came into the picture and tried to persuade the girl to stay away from the water but her effort did not seem to work as the girl just stayed glued to the part where she was standing.

Out of nowhere, the husband grabbed the girl on her waist and tried to carry her away from the water. The girl resisted but two other men came to help the husband and they successfully carried the girl out of the water.

We’re just glad that nothing serious really happened to the girl and that the guy saved him right on time.

See the full video here:


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