Mysteries are really abundant everywhere we go. Almost everything and everywhere has some sort of unexplainable history behind it and the puzzle just goes on and on. While there are also others who try their best to give a profound description as to why this or that exists, still, more and more questions arise that are remains unanswered.

Just like in this story of the supposed “Golden Ship of Don Diego” which was reportedly “seen” by quite a lot of people in Tiwi, Albay.

According to a feature story by Jessica Soho, the people of Tiwi, Albay already have a long history of ancient stories about the so called “Golden Ship of Don Diego”. The residents say that there were myths saying that when the said ship happens to pass by the river, it will be followed by heavy rains and flood in the area.

Ancient stories also say that back in the old days, the “Golden Ship of Don Diego” used to sail from Tiwi to the United States and vice versa.

There has also been several incidents of the Nagas Bridge having been under repair because it was supposed that the “Golden Ship of Don Diego” happened to pass by under it. It was also revealed that during the times that the said ship would pass the area, the water level in the river instantly increases and a blinding ray of light can also be seen.

The residents are however alarmed with the story that whoever sees the ship will also lose their sense of reality. Just like in the case of Emily who almost lose herself after she saw the ship if it wasn’t for her husband who was with her and saved her.

However, the Department of Public Works and Highways have their own explanation as to why the certain part of the Nagas Bridge often gets damaged. This is because of the strong current of water in the river that damages the foundation and not the passing of the “Golden Ship of Don Diego”.

There are still no direct proof as to the existence or inexistence of the said ship in the present day. But the residents of Tiwi are firm in their belief that the tale of “Golden Ship of Don Diego” will forever live in their lives.

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