In love, everyone is equal. There is no such thing as a standard as to who you should love. Love just flourishes out of nowhere and even the greatest force on Earth could do nothing to stop it.

Just like this story of Sam and Cecilia who proved that love still prevails against all odds.

Sam was born to a really poor family. His parents work as farmers in order to provide them with their daily needs. But despite being poor, Sam was a determined child. He worked extra hard in his studies in order to pay back the sacrifices of his parents.

His hardwork really paids off when he immediately got accepted to a job after he graduated from college as told by Goodtimes.

Not long after he started working there, he met a beautiful girl named Cecilia. Cecilia was the co-manager of the company and it so happened that she is still single.

Cecilia came from a broken family and she is still grieving over her mother’s death when she met Sam.

Soon, their friendship developed into love.

Months flew by, the two decided to get married. Cecilia then asked to meet Sam’s parents and he agreed with her. After all, that was also his intention. He had been wanting to bring her to meet his parents and get to know them before their wedding.

When they came to their home, Cecilia’s face suddenly changed when she saw the poor home of Sam. At first, Sam thought his girlfriend will leave him after seeing their very poor situation.

But Cecilia remained excited at the thought of finally meeting Sam’s parents. Likewise, the parents also seemed to be very happy to see their future daughter-in-law. Thankfully, everything went well and they had a great time at the parent’s house.

The following day, Sam was really shocked when Cecilia suddenly handed a bank card to his parents. She told them to use the money for the renovation of their home.

Sam’s father was very surprised when Cecilia told him to use all USD15,000 to repair the house. Meanwhile, Sam’s mother could not help but to shed tears as she was moved by her generosity.

The two even tried to convince Cecilia that it way okay for them as they have lived in such situation for years now.

However, Cecilia simply refused to take the card and said “I do not have anyone else to call my parents anymore.”

That really touched the heart of Sam’s parents and they also felt pity towards Cecilia.

Cecilia and Sam soon got married and now lives a happy and contented life.


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