Babies are simply adorable in nature, even their simple actions of smiling or talking in hard to understand ways can already make the day of the people around them. It is also tempting to tease babies at times as they become their most adorable self during this time.

Just like this adorable baby girl featured in a video that had left the social media in awe of her cuteness. The 1 minute and 25 seconds clip started off with a baby girl dressed in a towel smiling shyly to whoever is holding the camera.

A few moments later, a feeding bottle was presented to the baby. As if on queue, she started to take a step closer to the feeding bottle. At the same time, the person holding the bottle also kept on moving away from the baby.

Instead of being pissed and crying indefinitely because of being away from her food, it seemed that the baby was enjoying this little game that she can be seen smiling widely in front of the camera.

Although her face showed that she is truly craving for her food, she still resisted and kept playing the game and enjoying it at the same time.

Because the whole video and the baby featured in it are just too adorable, the clip has been viewed for over 8 million times by netizens all over the world. All of them find it irresistible to not see the video. In fact, it was even shared for more than 7,000  times.

The joy babies like the one featured in the video can give to their parents and to everyone around them is simply incomparable to any other type of happiness in this world.

Watch the full overly cute video here:


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