Old people are often labeled as ‘weak’ individuals. This is because most old people already have diseases and can no longer take full control of their bodies because their health just deteriorates with time.

However, this certain grandmothers begs to differ with that old notion. She simply proved that even people who are already at an advanced age like she is can still perform and do things that only youngsters could do.

In a video that is now making rounds online, an old woman whose identity is still not revealed as of writing time managed to overcome vigorous activities which resulted to her being the talk of the town. At some point in the video, she can be seen easily going hanging in monkey bars, the way she carried herself from one bar to the other seemed effortless.

There is also another part where she can be seen curling up with her legs balanced on a parallel structure. She was also seen hanging in a reverse manner on the same parallel structure.

The grandma’s strength is simply incomparable she is really someone that people her age and even the younger ones should look up to.

Interestingly, many people were left in awe after watching her video. These netizens were either left baffled as to how she managed to do that and the others just want to be like her even when they become older. After all, who wouldn’t want to live such a healthy life even at an old age?

You can watch her full video here:


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