People sure have different types of preferences when it comes to food. But, everyone will surely agree that different types of seafood are just too tempting to eat and are too hard to resist.

Much more if somebody who happens to be eating seafood have such a delicious way of eating it that can make anyone drool and instantly crave to have one for themselves too.

Just like this girl featured in a video that shows a delicious way of eating crabs. She is Yang Soobin is a 24-year-old South Korean entertainer known for her mukbang eating shows.

At the start of the video, Soobin first poured herself a cola drink in a huge glass that is shaped like a shoe. Soon, she kicked with her main course – a giant crab! She started off with the legs of the crab. She first took out the covering which was the shell of the crab before putting the meat in her mouth.

She went on eating the meat from all the other legs before proceeding to the main body part.

There was one moment in the video where she said ‘daebak’ which means awesome. This can be interpreted to her saying that the food was really tasty. It sure is becuase she even finished the whole crab in just a few minutes.

All throughout the video, she can be seen enjoying the food she eats and if you were to watch it, you surely will have a hard time trying to resist craving for a crab yourself.

So, better brace yourself before watching her addictive video here:


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