Have you ever heard of a restaurant that offers a special kind of service specifically for their single customers? If you haven’t yet, let us introduce you to one!

This particular restaurant in Korea which was named ‘Restaurant for Single’ prefers having customers who are not in a relationship or consider themselves ‘single’. Even just hearing the name of the restaurant can already pique the curiosity of single people out there.

Luckily, the Facebook page, GIF Cambodia, is generous enough to share us tidbits of what to expect while inside the ‘Restaurant for Single’.

In a video uploaded by the said page, a staff of the restaurant welcomes customers with a warm smile along with the question ‘Are you single?’

Then, the customers are directed to a table with a single seat. After their order is served, a message on an electronic board pops up. The message says, ‘Do you want to have somebody to eat with?’

The customer is then made to choose between Yes or No. If they press ‘Yes’, the wall in front of them opens up to reveal another person in front of them.

Most of the customers were shocked with the sudden revelation but still chose to just go with it. One customer even stepped up and took a selfie with his ‘match’ later on, he even asked for her number!

There was also a mismatch when the supposed ‘matching couple’ turned out to be both males.

Nevertheless, the whole special program was just too hilarious and is surely worth the try for single people out there. Who knows? You may finally find your ‘forever’ inside the ‘Restaurant for Single’.

Watch the full video here:


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