We usually believe our own ears and eyes but sometimes they can really mislead us. Our eyes can often make us take a closer look at puzzling things: we may see a lake on top of trees, an antelope with 2 heads, or a human-dog sitting behind the wheel of a car.

Jaga Trends wants to show you some pictures that ophthalmologists may easily use in their work.

A picture of the sunset looks like it’s from GTA.

When giants are real:

“This suede sofa is the opposite shade when looking from the other direction.”

Guess who says, “Meow!”

The Finnish President levitates a vase

Hedgehog camouflage

This shark looks like it’s trapped in an iceberg:

Does this guy have the most realistic aircraft model or is it real?

When a creative mind goes hiking:

A knife that pierces time and space

The way this LCD cracked looks like a forest:

Where is the rest of this horse?

This guy has too many arms:

This tree line makes the water look higher than it actually is:

When you can’t quite understand how many heads there are:

A driver that you won’t forget

This girl has a nice flat belly… But it’s plastic.

“My lunch is on the table.”

This is a really long dog:

A 2-headed impala

Never let you go…

Do you think it’s a strange head? No, it isn’t!

A player showing his high school football poster.

The facade on this building:

These teacups look like they have little holes in them:

Which photo puzzles you the most?

Preview photo credit Alcoholisme/ imgurunknow user/ imgur



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