Home remedies have become very popular in the last few years. Everyone likes the idea of finding a way to avoid medication when it’s possible. Having less doctor and medication bills is also nice. But we should always do our homework before trying a home treatment. Some simply don’t really work, while others could actually be harmful.

We at Jaga Trends care about our readers and that’s why we prepared this list of popular home remedies that you may need to be careful about.

1. Kitchen cures for burns

Putting butter or oil on burns may prove to do more harm than good. When you get a burn, even if the source of the burn didn’t contact your skin, the damage still progresses for a little while until the skin cools down. That’s the reason why specialists advise putting the area under cold water. Using butter or oil will actually slow down the cooling.

2. Toothpaste to treat acne and cold sores


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