Due to a powerful earthquake that happened in 2011 in Japan, the Earth started spinning 1.8 microseconds faster. So if you feel like you don’t have enough time, you know what to blame. But seriously, Japan is so unique that it had a chance to influence the planet’s rotation speed. It is truly a whole other universe and we found 16 facts that prove it.

Jaga Trends often gets impressed by the peculiarities of Japanese culture. Dive into it with us and you’ll find out why traffic lights shine blue instead of green in The Land of the Rising Sun.

1. The Japanese propose as if they’re hiring a chef.

The Japanese are really modest and shy which is why a traditional proposal is often presented in an indirect manner. For example, a man could ask his girlfriend: “Will you cook soup for me every day?” Alternatively, he might ask if his beloved is ready to wash his clothes and be buried in one grave next to him (the latter means that their love is so strong it would outlive both of them).

This tradition is slowly becoming outdated. Only really shy Japanese men would use this non-romantic way of expressing their feelings. Japanese women, on the other hand, expect their foreign lovers to express their feelings and desires openly. Also, a fiancée has to ask for the parents’ approval before proposing. The Japanese are quite conservative regarding this matter.


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