Sometimes after a breakup or just in the middle of a poorly held up relationship you might need a reminder that true love exists. Just remember, there are people who’ve loved each other for nearly 70 years and there are those who are patient enough to wait for almost 3 years while slowly putting together a marriage proposal.

We at Jaga Trends found some of the most touching stories about love that will help you feel warmer on these cold fall days.

1. The story of a man who lost his wife to cancer

Ben Nunery’s wife Ali died of lung cancer back in 2011, leaving him to lovingly care for their tiny daughter Olivia. After 2 years of not having their beautiful mother and wife around, Ben and Olivia recreated his and Ali’s wedding photos.

Of course, they chose the best photographer to commemorate their love for Ali, her sister Melanie Tracy Pace. Now, these photos are a true reminder of the everlasting love of this family.


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