We’ve all watched our favorite celebrities meandering around the world of social media, but none of them do it better than Dwayne The Rock Johnson. With all the goofy and relatable posts, his following is now sky-rocketing, even surpassing the most popular Instagram accounts. If you’re not a fan of Dwayne Johnson yet, you will be soon. Just taking a quick look inside his personal account will make you feel inspired.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve scrolled through The Rock’s Instagram and found the images that show who Dwayne Johnson really is!

1. He lets his little one put her toys in his closet to play with every morning.

2. Being his daughter’s swimming instructor

3. “I’ll handle this business Mama while you are nursing baby Tia.”

4. Becoming friends with a Beluga Whale

5. Letting his daughter feed him her croissant while he is on a strict diet

6. Getting a manicure by his daughter

7. A throwback in our beloved Florida Everglades where I tamed Big Bertha.

8. He gets his nails professionally done by his little girl.

9. He can make his little ones fall asleep on him instantly.

10. Adoring his little Tiana Gia

11. Chatting it up with a seal

12. Saving a little birdie struggling to fly

13. “I am an uncivilized artistic genius.”

14. The caption reads: “Never buy a costume that says “One size fits most.”

15. “Hawaii. We stayed up all night to debut our world premiere trailer of MOANA.”

16. Baby Tiana Gia and Dwayne celebrating Labor Day

17. Welcoming the new additions into the Johnson Family

18. “I’ll take kisses from all our animals…”

19. The Rock climbing rocks

20. The Dwanta Claus

21. Rock vs Lobster

22. Koalas love him.

23. “Little Kara wanted to show me her blue nail polish.”

24. “This kid’s smile lit up the entire gym when we met today!”

25. Superman is on the mend.

Which image of Dwayne Johnson is your favorite? Please let us know in the comments below!

Preview photo credit therock / instagram


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